Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chapter 27 & KNAN Ch.04

Hi everyone, please welcome Mi Chan who is joining us as a Japanese translator~♥

These are the latest releases of anything related to Koi Dano Ai Dano in Japan, so enjoy!

Best face so far!


Kiriko's turn~

Please, even if you don't understand Japanese, don't forget to read Koi nashi Ai nashi >>HERE<<, to add views and support Tsujita Ririko!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

KDAD Chapter 26 & KNAN Ch.02-03

Hi everybody, after a mini hiatus we're back to our regular schedule~

Please welcome Poteku, who is joining us as a Japanese translator, and Jupika, who is back as a proofreader!

Enjoy the releases~

What did Yumemi see?

Why so gloomy?

What could make Kakitsubata smile like that?

High Quality files for Chapter 25, the Special Chapter, KNAN 01 and Futsu Hyakkei are available in the download section.

As always, we're in need of Japanese translators, if you're interested send us a mail to

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

KDAD: Ch.25, KNAN: Ch.01, Lala Fantasy Special Chapter & Futsu Hyakkei

Hi everyone!

Before anything else, please welcome our newest Japanese Translator,

She's hardworking and super fast, we're lucky to have her~

This month we bring you 4 releases~ As some of you already know, KDAD has now a spin off called Koi Nashi Ai Nashi; it's a short comedy manga that will be published monthly in Lala Melody Online, so look forward to it!

We're also posting Chapter 25 after a long wait and the special Chapter featured in Lala Fantasy. Futsu Hyakkei is a oneshot by Tsujita Ririko, it uses her signature drawing style and it's about 50 pages long.


Mizukami is so flustered!

Naedoko's passion?!

Tsubaki, charrming as always~

What is this story about?

CURRENT CHAPTER IN JAPAN: Ch.26 Published 12/10

A few things to address!

Since now we've surpassed the chapters available in Chinese and we have to translate KNAN as well, it's really important to find another Japanese Translator, if you're interested or know someone who does, send us a mail to: Please help us spreading the word~

The download files are way more light than before, why is that? We are posting a low quality file with a few watermarks and will post the high quality in about a month, that way only those interested will have it. To read the high quality files now, use our reader.

We now have a Blacklist! We're always reminding people to avoid posting our releases in readers that profit off our hard work, we don't have ads, we're not making any money, we're investing our time and efforts to scanlate these chapters and is really unfair to see them posted on those sites. Please if you see someone posting them somewhere else, add their username and the website in our Blacklist Page. We need your cooperation!

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~Thanks for all your support and Happy Holidays from LeWishfulScanlation~

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Current Updates: Raws and Help Needed

Hey everyone!

Thank you for all your well wishes and comments to our team! We've been through loads of changes in the team until now! But we are glad to say that we've finally caught up with the raws in Japan!

Right now, the release in Japan is:
Chapter 25

While we have been blessed with not having much trouble to getting most of thenlatest scans, right now, Le Wishful Scanlations needs your help.

Yes, we do. Currently,  we have no access to getting the latest chapter from our usual source! Oh and LaLa DX has a commemorative anniversary so.... the publishing company has come out with a special issue called LaLa Fantasy.

The team wants to scanlate both Chapter 25 and the special one shot release. Unfortunately,  we can't. With all our many plans in store, we might bring changes and extra surprises to Koi Dano fans.

What can you as a reader do?

Please help us to find these raws, Chapter 25 and the special LaLa Fantasy oneshot release (the second is hard to find), so if you do find them, leave us a comment or contact us if you have a friend who has it!

Thanks so much for all your help you can give us to help in our search! We hope to bring you the latest chapters once we get the scans!


EDIT by retrovert: Please don't send us links to the thread on baidu with blurry photos of chapter 25, those are impossible to use. But we appreciate the effort~

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chapter 23 & Chapter 24 [Download]

Hi everyone! Finally we bring you Chapter 23 and 24. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, I think there are some interesting developments in these chapters.

Why is Kanoko reacting like that?

What have you done now, Otabe??
Current Chapter in Japan: Ch.25


If you can translate from Japanese or know someone who does, please send us a mail to or leave a comment here, KDAD is particularly difficult to translate and we're very careful to give you the best Scanlation we can, recently we lost our Japanese translator, so we need to find a new one. Please spread the word!

Best wishes,

Friday, September 13, 2013

Koi Dano Ai Dano: Chapter 21 + Extra [POLL] and Chapter 22 [Download]

Konnichiwa, minna-san!
At last, we are glad to release yet another double chapter release to celebrate our 1st anniversary! The continuation of election campaign climax & more Tsubaki's fanservices.. In this one-year period, we would like to express our thanks to the sheer determination of our teammates (ex & current ones) as well as, your continuous support and passion that make us who we are.. It has been a bittersweet journey for us in scanlating Koi Dano Ai Dano up until now... Back then, we’re just a bunch of eager fans that decided to band together and continue to work on this great series. 
Such a nostalgic memory  well, it’s not that we’re that old, though ;p

Nevertheless, the best part for now is, we have another great translator to join our scanlation team (Hurray~!)…
                                        Welcome Lys–ithea (a.k.a Lys)!

Oh, I prepared another stupid comic strip just for your viewing pleasures, yeah, hopefully it does sound funny & kinda pleasing.. (lol)  
me - always hijacking original bubbles and convert them into some weird conversations..

Yeah, Tsubaki, maybe it’s not really what you’ve felt so far, but hopefully, it indicates some meaningful “rabu-rabu” actions in the future.. ^_^
Yosh~! Without further delay, here are the links for Chapter 21+Extra(KDAD 1st poll) and Chapter 22...

Chapter 21: Download | Read Online
Chapter 22: Download | Read Online
Current Chapter in Japan: 24

P/S: We are still recruiting Japanese &; English translators.
*insert wet puppy eyes picture*

The very first post by;

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Koi Dano Ai Dano: Chapter 19, 19.5, 20 [Download]

Just a joke for everyone to enjoy!

Hey everyone!

Thank you for the patient wait for our current release. The chapter release has currently arrived! Do note: This release is for the month of July! And....  We're currently working on something special for a few months now and this will be release for our August updates! Why August?

Well.... The team, LWS, Le Wishful Scanlations Team has now reached our 1st year anniversary! And that happens in August! Our team has been founded on a certain popular manga reading site. So since then, we've worked for a few months before we start scanlating in October!

Do look forward to it. We can assure you that the surprise will be absolutely lovely, with more releases and much more! We hope that you'll be excited because we certainly are!

Current chapter in Japan is Chapter 23. Chapter 24 is out on August 10!

We've now caught up to Chapter 20! We have 4 chapters to go to catch up with the current releases!

Chapter 19
Who and Why is Tsubaki looking at? Why is he looking with such a tender expression?

Chapter 19 : Download | Read Online

Chapter 19.5
Who is this? Why is she crying?

Chapter 19.5 : Download | Read Online

Chapter 20
What a cute Kanoko! Is this a chapter about her childhood?

Chapter 20 : Download | Read Online

Alrighty~ Three releases that lead up to our highlight this month! Le Wishful Scanlation Team's 1st year anniversary! We hope you enjoy these releases. Here's a hint, it was really shocking, twist-turning and definitely sweet!

We're still recruiting Japanese > English and Chinese > English translators! We're almost catching up to the series! Do send us an email if you are interested at:

Leave us a comment and subscribe for more exciting information in this coming August! We love hearing from all of you.